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Directions (1-4) : Read the following passage carefully and answer each of the questions given below it in the context of the passage.


Vacations were once prerogative of the privileged few even as late as the nineteenth century. Now, they are considered the right of all, except for such unfortunate masses as in China for whom life, except, for sleep and brief periods of rest is uninterrupted toil. They are more necessary now than before because the average life is well-rounded and has become increasingly departmentalized. The idea of vacations, as we conceive it, must be incomprehensible to primitive people. Rest of some kind has of course always been a part of the rhythm of human life, but earlier ages did not find it necessary to organise it in the way that modern man has done. Holidays, fist days were sufficient. With modern man's increasing tensions with the useless quality of so much of his work, this break in the year's routine became steadily more necessary. Vacations became necessary for the purpose of renewal and repair. 


Question-2 : According to the passage, we need vacations now more than ever because we have-


a more carefree nature


much more free time


little diversity in our work


a higher standard of living