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Directions (1-3) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.


To write well you have to be able to write clearly and logically, and you cannot do this unless you can think clearly and logically. If you cannot do this yet you should train yourself to do it by taking particular problems and following them through, point by point, to a solution, without leaving anything out and without avoiding any difficulties that you meet. At first you find clear, step-by-step thought very difficult. You may find that your mind is not able to concentrate. Several unconnected ideas may occur together. But practice will improve your ability to concentrate on a single idea and think about it clearly and logically. In order to increase you vocabulary and to improve your style, you should read widely and use a good dictionary to help you find the exact meanings and correct usages of words.   Always remember that regular and frequent practice is necessary if you want to learn to write well. It is no good waiting until you have an inspiration before you write. Even with the most famous writers, inspiration is rare. Someone said that writing is ninety-nine per cent hard work and one per cent inspiration, so the sooner you get into the habit of disciplining yourself to write, the better.


Question-1 : To write well, a person must train himself in :


dealing with a difficult problem


not leaving anything out


thinking clearly and logically


following a step-by-step approach