Question No. 1

Which attribute specifies a unique alphanumeric identifier to be associated with an element?

Question No. 2

The _____________ attribute specifies an inline style associated with an element, which determines the rendering of the affected element.

Question No. 3

Which attribute is used to provide an advisory text about an element or its contents?

Question No. 4

The __________ attribute sets the text direction as related to the lang attribute.

Question No. 5

Which of the following is the attribute that specifies the column name from the data source object that supplies the bound data?

Question No. 6

The Default Value Of "position" Attribute Is

Question No. 7

What Is CSS Stand For

Question No. 8

Pseudo-classes In CSS

Question No. 9

Which Event Will Be Used When A Connection To The Server Is Opened.

Question No. 10

Which Is The Correct CSS Syntax?

Question No. 11

Javascript is _________ language.

Question No. 12

JavaScript is designed for following purpose -

Question No. 13

JavaScript Code is written inside file having extension __________.

Question No. 14

Local Browser used for validations on the Web Pages uses __________.

Question No. 15

JavaScript Code can be called by using _________.

Question No. 16

How many main() function we can have in our project?

Question No. 17

What is sizeof() in C?

Question No. 18

In the relational model, cardinality is termed as:

Question No. 19

Relational calculus is a

Question No. 20

The view of total database content is

Question No. 21

DML is provided for

Question No. 22

ODBC stands for

Question No. 23

In a relational model, relations are termed as

Question No. 24

TreeSet maintains which order?

Question No. 25

How are you able to sort given HashMap on basis of values

Question No. 26

Which of these is synchronised and isn't sorted by natural order?

Question No. 27

What is the return type of function id ?

Question No. 28

Which of the following symbols are used for comments in Python?

Question No. 29

Which keyword is used to define methods in Python?

Question No. 30

Which predefined Python function is used to find length of string?